Single Sign On

Last Updated on May 28th, 2022

What is it?

SSO, also known as Single Sign On is a method of sharing your sign-in session across multiple platforms. Think of it how when you sign in to Google, you are also instantly logged into Youtube aswell. This is a really good example of SSO at work. It's also much safer than sharing passwords or other senestive data across websites, which is obviously not ideal.

Is it Secure?

Yes, very. SSO elimantes password sharing, which is not only dangerous but also a pain to maintain. SSO allows for you to use 1 account, 1 password, and sign-in on all of my websites. Currently, only allows SSO authentication to and from domains that I (Zach) own. For example, my portfolio website lets clients place their orders through one central account. Since has a pretty solid account infastructure, any accounts made can be used here and on any other website I may popup in the future, such as!

What if I changed my password? is the only domain that actually uses your password. All of my other websites chain off of, so if you update your password here it won't affect your other sign-ins.

What data are you sharing?

Remember that SSO is used within my own websites, so I'm really just passing the data from between myself. Any websites that interact with are still subject to our privacy policy and terms of use.