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At Empanadas.io, our mascot is Jeff the Giraffe! He'll have a new message every single week to help boost your mood.

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Currently, we offer 2 empanada related games. Never has it been easier to waste your time with Empanadas!

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Jeff The Giraffe

Because sometimes we need a weekly boost.

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It's Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

Support the Treavor Project to help LGBTQ+ youth.

Pride means so much more than changing to rainbow color schemes, there's a serious crisis among LGBTQ+ youth: Suicide. Youth who identify as LGBTQ+ are 4x more likely to commit suicide. I created Empanadas.io to express myself, and a part of my expression is being gay. For queer people, having people you trust and love abandon you just for their sexuality is all too common. The Treavor Project provides resources, like free counseling to LGBTQ+ youth who are struggling. To help this noble cause, I have donated $100 to the Treavor Project. Please give what you can, and if you are unable to give please help spread the word about this organization.

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