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🤖 Beep Boop!
I am currently aware that in very specific instances, the login page may say "We think you are a robot!". This is normally due to your browser blocking Google's captcha cookies from being placed. Check your browser settings and extensions!
Any blocks to the login process are not ideal, and I apologize for that! I'll be trying to implement a manual captcha fallback for when the first one fails.

📧 Email Outage
Additionally, some of our emails are being blocked on a DNS level by some providers (ie: Gmail). It took me a really long time to find this bug because I don't use gmail that often. I'm still working on a fix for this but on a brighter note I'm 100% sure this is a DNS issue and should be an easy fix after a little tinkering on my end.

🏆 Live Leaderboards!
Bugs suck, so here's something new and shiny in the words! Live Leaderboards! They update every 30 seconds on their own. Keep in mind these are still a rough draft / work in progress. Take a sneak peak here. 👀

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