The Empanada App!

PFPZach posted 11 Days Ago


Do you own a Windows PC? Do you like Empanadas? Well then, the beta App for PC is gonna be your new best friend! That's right! Everything you love about just got a whole heck of a ton better. Sign in just once, and forget about it! Ensure all of your beloved spins are accounted for, even in the background. And enjoy a faster, sleek user interface that screams, "I should be doing literally anything else right now, but I can't resist being a Spin champion!"

You can try out the beta here:

Windows will show a block screen because we didn't pay $200 for someone to give us validation. Our love for empanadas are the only validation we crave. Plus, we don't have $200. Because of this, a "malicious" app warning will appear. We pinky promise that our app is filled with nothin' but Empanadas. Don't believe us? Well get this, upon a stable release our app's entire source code will be published to Github. Please keep in mind this app is a beta release! Once the full release comes, you'll need to download and launch the installer again.

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