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PFPZach posted 27 Days Ago


Heyo Empanada Peeps! Hope you all are staying warm out there, it sure is cold.
As per-usual, we are always making some tweaks, fixes, and changes to our website nearly every single day. Most of these changes are behind the scenes and completely unnoticeable. But, we've been hard at work-- here's what's new:

  • Relocated the "Download Profile Picture" button to the update profile page.
  • Added the ability to reset your current profile picture back to it's default.
  • Improved our user search and username availability features.
  • Tightened login security with reduced general authorization messages.
  • Polished up how user profiles are uploaded to our server.
  • Dynamically update profile from database for setting pages.
  • Updated our API pages with our updated format.
  • Fixed some bugs regarding user storage and login verification on static pages.
As some of you will notice, a few of these have a lot to do with updating your profile picture, which you can do here or under your account settings page. Some these changes are in the process of being tweaked and may not be 100% perfect. So feel free to submit a bug report if you run into problems. Enjoy!

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