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PFPZach posted 5 Days AgoLatest Update


Guac goes good with Empanadas, but bugs sure don't. We've been working at it again working on the site. Here's what's new:

  • Improved CSS backdrop filter fallback on Firefox browsers.
  • Added proper Javascript error message should Google reCaptcha JS be blocked.
  • Darkened blur background on the navigation bar.
  • Added Profile shortcut to the navigation bar.
  • Added an Experience Point breakdown to user profiles.
  • Improved user profile page formatting when signed out.
  • Added reminders to Dashboard to upload profile pic or confirm email, etc.
  • Removed the "View All Games" option from the games dropdown.
  • Fixed MySQL collection formatting.
  • Fixed "buy me a coffee" widget not appearing on the bottom left.
  • Added secret Ascension messages for each new ascension.
  • Changed announcement right-side cards to be consistent.
  • Fixed missing parameters in the Buy me Coffee account settings link.
  • Fixed a rare bug where default profile pictures may go missing.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate user profile images could occur.
As always, we've performed many "behind the scenes" updates to bring a smoother experience to you. Thank you so much for continuing to support us!

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