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This month has been all about some major changes. My personal favorite of which have been phasing out 2, quite outdated systems that have remained untouched for nearly a year. User Search and the infamous Registration Page.

Let's talk about the new Search feature. For starters, it's now done dynamically as a popup. This is much more convenient, results in less bandwidth being used, and brings a more cohesive vibe. It also allows us to add some sick updates in the future.

Lastly, the Registration page. I've spent the past few days moving away from HTML forms and switching to AJAX forms instead. Nearly every input submitted through our website is now done through AJAX. So for those wondering- what's AJAX? It circumvents having to reload the entire page. That's about it. The new registration page will dynamically check each segment (email & username) before submitting the full form. This makes setup much more straightforward.

P.S: Our CAPTCHA's are back. Hope it was fun while it lasted. I'll try my best to find ways to tune them down, but for the time being it's worth some inconvenience for security.

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