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Hey Hey Hey!
Updates are always comin' your way. This summer has been all about upgrades. Within the first week of June, we completely migrated all of our files from our old server to a much better one. The reason for the move was simple: Speed & Customizability. Our old server was 3.5x slower, prevented new protocols (like WebSockets), and would frequently go offline. Our dedicated empanada connoisseurs deserved better!

While we have migrated completely, some features (such as our emails) have been a bit quirky. As of today, our emails are being sent from a different address temporarily while we finishing tightening a few bolts around the house. If you're ever unsure if an email from us is legit or not, go to the account logs page and scroll down to the email section. Any emails we ever grace your inbox with will also appear there! If they don't, then they aren't from us.

I hope you'll enjoy the new changes~

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