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Discord Integration

PFPZach posted 1 Day AgoLatest Update


with Discord is Available (Again)!
We finally touched up the sign in process when you link your account with discord and try to sign in. We have re-enabled this feature as it is now back to our standards. Give it a shot and enjoy not needing to remember all those dang passwords!

🔑 Password-free Accounts
In the coming weeks, we'll be adding the option to delete your password and sign in via a link in your email OR via discord. This will be the encouraged and default behavior for new accounts in the coming days to help boost security. Fear not, if you're old school and prefer a password, it will always be an option that's available to you.

🤔 How to Sign-In with Discord?

Step 1
Link your discord here by clicking the "Link Discord" button.

Step 2
Follow the prompts on discords website and click "Authorize".

Step 3
All set! Now when you go to sign in, you can click the Sign in with Discord option! 🎉

🤝 Other OAuth Support
We plan on making room for signing in via Google & Github in the coming months. For now, we are focusing on perfecting our discord auth flow first. We know it's not perfect right now, but it's a large step in an awesome direction. 👍

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